Modern Urban Industrial Coffee Table "In-Tension"

This table is downright sexy. We had pondered simply calling this piece "The Sexy Table", but instead opted for "In-Tension". This is an obvious play on intention, being our drive to produce new and exciting products, and tension, the structural force in play that makes this cantilevered piece possible.

This piece is fabricated from scratch using hot-rolled steel, stainless steel, and western red cedar. It is heavily inspired by old railroad trestle bridge construction. To maintain the old feel of this piece it is entirely hand finished, instead of shot with a mundane lacquer topcoat. The Western red cedar has been lovingly finished with 6 coats of a natural oil finish, and the hot rolled steel has had 3 coats of a hot applied wax to preserve it's industrial beauty.

This piece measures approximately 36" tall to the point of the stand, 24" wide and 55" long. It is shipped in two separate boxes and will need to be assembled upon arrival (2 pins and 2 bolts, child's play really).

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