Concrete Fire Table

Using fire for entertainment is nearly ubiquitous. No matter what kind of music or movie you prefer, whether its reading, fishing or scaling the side of a broad mountain face, narrowly escaping your death- fire is something that speaks to us all. The dancing flames evoking passion, excitement and fear; placing one under its trance-like spell. 

This piece is constructed of a poured concrete top, with the same fireglass that the flames dance on being added to the concrete mix. The surface was then ground and honed to a semi polished finish. The edges were formed using a certain material that pulls the portland from the mix, leaving the aggregate exposed. This leads to a very nice contrast of rough exposed edges with a silky smooth top.

A bronze fireglass is used to diffuse the propane and provide added visual appeal. This is glass specifically manufactured for use in fire pits and fireplaces.

The piece measures 60" long, 16" wide, and 16" tall.

The piece shown is an example of what you will receive. Each of these pieces are custom built to the clients specifications. All facets of this piece are customizable, from shape, size, and color to burner size and orientation. All types of custom inlays and designs can be worked into the concrete top as well.

Shipping shows an estimated baseline cost to ship this piece freight. The final cost will be calculated by your zip code and final weight of the piece. Delivery and set-up of this piece is available for a small fee, please inquire.

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