Shop Policies

We strive to satisfy our clients any way we can. We will always do our best to answer any and all questions you may have and do anything we can to make you happy with every purchase made from us. Below are the policies for our shop that you implicitly agree to by purchasing an item from our store.


Returns/Cancellations/Refunds: We will gladly take returns on items within 30 days of receipt. This applies only to in stock merchandise. Any item that is made to order, custom altered or a one off custom piece is not returnable, not refundable and the order cannot be cancelled unless acknowledged in writing by B-Squared Inc.

To be clear, once an order is placed for custom made pieces there are no returns/cancellations/refunds unless you have been given written acknowledgement from B-Squared Inc. that we have approved that action. We invest large amounts of time and energy in procuring materials and fabricating custom items, we are not to bear the burden of you changing your mind on the purchase of a custom piece.

If there is a flaw in the design or final appearance/functionality of the piece that leads you to not be satisfied, let us know and we will help to satisfy you in your purchase anyway we can. Again, if the piece is a custom made piece, refunds will not be given. We will do everything we can to correct the piece or alter it to suit your desired aesthetic or function.


Chargebacks: If you come to the conclusion that a chargeback is necessary there are two ways we will proceed with handling the issue. If the chargeback is valid, for example; you ordered an in stock, non-custom piece and it was not shipped in time, we will gladly refund and validate the chargeback.


If we feel the chargeback is erroneous, we will combat said chargeback and let the arbitrator make a decision.


Custom Order Chargebacks: By purchasing a custom piece from us, you are agreeing to waive your right to file a chargeback for your custom piece. Delayed time frame of delivery is not a valid reason for a chargeback on custom orders as we can only make estimations as to how long it will take to complete said pieces. Work load and complexities of custom pieces can greatly alter our lead times. Again, by purchasing a custom piece from us, you waive your right to pursue a chargeback. This is non-negotiable.

If you decide to file a chargeback we will pursue legal action to recoup any funds lost to the chargeback, plus litigation and associated costs.


Shipping: All items are shipped out as soon as possible. Some of our store items are in stock, but most of the items we have are made to order. Approximately 90% of our sales are custom tailored pieces in one way or another, this makes it very inefficient for us to maintain an inventory of "stock" pieces. If you need an item for a specific date or occasion please contact us before purchase.


Warranties: Warranties for our pieces vary from 1 year to lifetime, please inquire about the piece you are interested in.


We urge our clients to reach out us via email, text message or phone call. We try our best to respond as often as possible, please do understand if we do not get back immediately. We are often in the shop from rise 'til rest and are quite intentionally disconnected when we are in our creative environment.