1. strong and barely controllable emotion.
"a man of impetuous passion"


We say, nailed it.


The word perfectly describes the way we feel about what we do. Having a true passion for your craft is reflected, effortlessly, in the things you create. What we do is not a job to us. We love to create, be makers, and that people are interested in purchasing what our hearts have churned out is endlessly gratifying, rewarding and humbling. 



We are constantly inspired by the natural world around us, as well as other artists that are doing amazing things with amazing materials. We study designers from all eras to learn from those that have come before us, and those that will be here after us. From the quintessential mid-century style of the Eames pair and Edward Wormley. To the pinnacle of hand crafted wood chairs, Sam Maloof. To the breathtaking glass pieces of Dale Chihuly. To the endless amount of artists and crafters on Etsy, Pinterest and elsewhere. We love and absorb and are constantly inspired by all.



 We thank you for taking interest in our passion.