We have a single mission: create work that is inspiring.
This is cliche.
This is overplayed.
Neither of those facts do we care for in the least when it is this longing to be inspirational that motivates us to create the pieces we create.
The inspiration can come in any form; you being inspired to further the design scheme throughout your home, inspiring a guest in your home to long for your sense of style, or simply inspiring an upside-down frown on your face when you look at our work. We are not picky, we simply want the pieces that adorn our life and yours to have an effect on yourself and others. 
Why should you fill your home, and your life, with mass produced objects from a box store that have no character, have no personality. We can tell you exactly where every piece that goes into our work comes from, we know the people that work there, many of them we shake hands with as they are local purveyors, and we are damn proud of that. That sense of responsibility for what you purchase is seemingly lost on our disposable society. Items should not be purchased that have an end date in mind.
We want that to change. We all need that to change.
Please help us work towards that change.