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The couple that creates together....

Brian and Katie have been working together, building their dreams (and maybe re-building some after tearing, er, 'burning' them down), for many years now. Being a custom home builder, Brian (the know-it-all)  has the shop expertise and know-how to bring Katie`s (the dreamer) ideas to fruition; making this power couple a perfect match of creativity and ingenuity-its just plain genius. 

Katie and Brian met in the small, eclectic town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Eureka is home to hundreds of artists. Brian has been designing and constructing beautiful custom homes since 2006 and when they met, Katie was a full-time student, studying kineseology, and working as a fitness instructor and trainer. Pulling a "Sadie Hawkins" Katie asked Brian out for the first time and they`ve been together ever since. They just bought the house of their dreams together, which is a small house with gigantic workshop attached; perfect for Katie, as cleaning a huge house is not on her list of 'likes'.

The two of them began crafting interesting gifts for their parents and friends, quickly learning that they worked incredibly well together. It was a perfect fit, as they were the couple that were able to effortlessly build and play off one anothers` ideas...Okay, okay, maybe "effortlessly" is not the right word, and they may or may not frequently exchange a few 'choice' words. Hey, this dynamic duo of creative genius is still human! 

Katie was checking out online retailers for independent artists and proposed they open a shop, but, they only had the gifts they made for others. So, they took pictures (the pieces were already gone, so with no inventory, it was kinda a whim) and decided to see if they would sell... Something magic happened- they sold, and then more sold, and more, and well... Almost seemingly overnight, they grew and had more orders than they knew what to do with. So, they decided that Katie would begin running their funky functional art business on as a full-time gig. 

Together in Eureka these two create each piece of functional art you see on this page. They also have their work in a number of other galleries, two of them being right in their artistic town. They put love and a little bit of crazy into each piece, in hopes that they strike you as uncommon as the people that make them. 

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B-Squared, Inc.