This house is where these pieces began nearly a century ago. Long before they were shaped into the fixtures you see in this collection, this old-growth long-leaf pine lumber was siding used to protect this storied home from the elements.

          The Ellis House, as it is known in our area, is so titled because of the woman in which it was constructed for. In the day this structure was built, it was not uncommon for prominent men to have mistresses, and to treat them very well. An affluent gentleman in our town had such a mistress, and Ellis was her surname.

         This home was constructed on his dime as a private residence for her.

          When a recent exterior remodel was underway we knew we wanted to reclaim as much wood from this project as possible. Timber with this kind of character is simply not available at any mill or lumberyard, you must salvage the pieces from century old structures and then lovingly bring them back to life in new incarnations.